An apology and a poem

I’m sorry.  I’ve been away too long.  It wasn’t fair to go with little explanation as to why.  Please allow me to simply say; I am working toward the betterment of myself and that can be exhausting.  I promise to be more diligent in my attentions.

I’ve little more than a spare moment; so I leave you with something short.  This is not new, though it will be new to you.  Recent thoughts have brought it to the forefront of my mind.  I hope you enjoy.


The playful dance of fingers intertwined.

Mated palms kiss one another

in the holy union of

promises whispered across stars.

The marriage of flesh,

as palm to palm they stand;

strength exchanged for strength

in such a gentile kiss.

Palm to palm is soul to soul,

safe and sound in the grasp of a hand.

Mated fingers intertwine,

and draw love to love;

for sake of love,

to banish thoughts

of sad and empty palms.


3 thoughts on “An apology and a poem

  1. For me, what happened in my mind that was interesting while I was reading this was towards the end, “Mated fingers intertwine, and draw love to love; for sake of love, to banish thoughts…” and before I read the last line my mind interpreted it as, love drawing to love banishing thoughts…not just of sadness and emptiness, but banishing thoughts altogether.

    That love drawing to love brings both individuals into the moment, just experiencing their lives together in the moment.

    Is the thought that I had…in the instant between reading the penultimate and ultimate lines.


    • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thought. I had not seen it from that point before and I sincerely appreciate that you’ve given me a new perspective on my own work. It’s refreshing to be able to look at it with a new eye. Your way of seeing it has more whimsy and romance, I think I prefer to think of it that way.


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