Coping Mechanisms

Why do we actively seek self-destructive activities when we’re sad?

By we, I mean human beings in general.

I know I have these urges.

I know from a psychological standpoint that this is a common response.

But why?

A distraction I suppose?

To draw attention away from the current sadness replace it with something more immediately pressing that draws the attention away from the original stimulus?

Great coping mechanism brain, thanks. Your chemical balance is really on point.

So of course I had to refresh myself on coping mechanisms to find out which this falls under. I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed by how unhealthy all of these sound.

So I delved further.

I can find recommended strategies for coping in a healthy way sure. Relaxation, meditation, and seeking outside support are a few; though these are all actions. These are not classifications of coping mechanisms.

It’s rather depressing to find that every coping style I could find listed in the general classifications of coping mechanisms are maladaptive.

No wonder my brain has decided to fix my sadness with destructive behavior, it doesn’t have any more attractive options.


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